Become the next Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN!

Age: 20 – 27 years old
Even though one of the Program’s eligibility criteria requires an applicant to be an age ranging from 20-27, exceptions can be made provided the fact that the applicant possesses necessary qualifications and meets the rest of Program requirements.

Excellent command of both written and spoken Ukrainian and English is required (Upper Intermediate/Advanced level). Knowledge of any other official languages of the United Nations (Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese) is desirable but not a must. For those, who have taken language proficiency tests (TOEFL, IELTS, DELF/DALF, DELE etc.), enclosing copies of official certificates is highly recommended. Those applicants, who do not have a language certificate, are kindly asked to indicate their English proficiency level in the special section of the application.

Educational and Professional Background:
Young professionals, as well as students from various academic backgrounds currently working or studying in Ukraine, may apply.
Even though a BA or a MA degree in International Relations/Political Science is desirable, qualified candidates with relevant work or volunteering experience are strongly encouraged to submit an application.

Relevant experience should include demonstrated leadership and proactivity in tackling youth-related issues through volunteering, NGO, project management or community work, etc.

The Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN Program is a unique international platform for developing new ideas and fostering youth participation in decision-making processes while serving as a liaison between Ukrainian youth and the global community. However, it also requires your commitment, dedication, and responsibility in achieving the Program’s goals and objectives throughout the whole year. Please note that you are not allowed to participate simultaneously in any long-term (more than 3 weeks) professional/educational programs that require you to be outside of Ukraine during your one-year Ukrainian Youth Delegate Mandate unless the trip is related to UN Youth Delegate professional activities.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for applicants with a proven record of leadership roles taken in the past, who organized, initiated and led community-oriented social or professional projects rather than only passively took part in them.

A Ukrainian Youth Delegate is a self-starter, who possesses the following personal and professional characteristics:

● Strategic vision of his/her activities during a one-year mandate;
● Readiness to take initiative and be persistent when needed;
● Ability to work under pressure within time and resources constraints;
● Being flexible enough to adjust his/her actions and strategy according to the emerging challenges or needs that may occur during the Program.

It’s also important to understand that we are seeking candidates who have both professional ambitions and the desire to make a difference in their own local community or country.

The Delegate needs to be ready to live in a fast-paced environment while working at the UN and to be proactive in making personal contacts with other Youth Delegates and delegates at the numerous networking events. Given the fact that the Delegate will be working closely with his/her colleague and will actively communicate with program managers, diplomats and other Youth Delegates, it is important to understand basic principles of teamwork and cooperation.

The Ukrainian Youth Delegate program provides numerous opportunities for the Ukrainian youth representatives, but it is mostly up to the Delegate how to define, find, use these opportunities and, therefore, scale the outcomes and the impact* of his/her 1 year active mandate.*.

Evaluation Process

Applicants will be evaluated holistically, meaning that we take into consideration all the information you are going to provide in your application: educational and professional achievements; community and volunteering work; leadership experience; overall maturity and willingness to bring new creative ideas in developing the Program. Taking action in promoting this program in Ukraine and globally is essential as it automatically increases your activities’ outreach and builds trust-based relations with Ukrainian youth.

Please note that decisions made by the selection committee are final and are not subjected to revision.
* Links to examples of how other YDs made impact on young people in their communities, countries or even globally
**Defining priorities and setting goals happens in a close cooperation and consultation with the program managers.

For 2023-2024, two Ukrainian Youth Delegates to the UN will be selected.

Selection of the UN Ukrainian Youth Delegates is a three-stage process:
1. Online application termApril 20th – May 14th, 2023
2. Group interviews* with the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the United Nations Alumni.
3. Creative teamwork and negotiation exercises

The goal of the 3-step selection process is to help you reveal your personal and professional potential; for a selection committee such a multi-step selection is a comprehensive way to get a clear understanding of how you will contribute to and benefit from the Ukrainian Youth Delegate Program. The selection committee is eager to know who you are, what your aspirations and professional goals are, not simply what you have done. Your experiences, beliefs, passions, and dreams will shape the Program and will further define professionalism, commitment and creativity standards vital not only for the program’s development sake but also for the future generations of YDs.

Your personality, personal standards and, above all, attitude matter.

In order to apply, please, follow the steps below:

  1. Record a short video on the topic “How do I encourage the youth of the world to support Ukraine”. Video should be in English.
  2. Prepare the link of your video and CV to attach to the Google Application at the Section II. (NB: You need submit the video in order your application to be considered. You are also encouraged to publish your video on your personal Facebook and/or Instagram igtv account with a tag of @ua.youthdelegate (FB) and/or @uayouthdelegate (Instagram) – this will be an asset to your application.)
  3. Fill in a Google Application 
  4. Receive a confirmation letter by Email.

You need to submit your application no later than 23:59 EETS, May 14, 2023! 

NB:  Please note that the applications submitted after the official deadline will not be considered. Failure to submit an incomplete application by the official deadline will result in your candidacy being disqualified.

Good luck!

1. I possess all the qualifications necessary to take part in the Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN Program but I’m 19 (28) years old. Am I eligible to apply?

Even though one of the Program’s eligibility criteria requires an applicant to be an age ranging from 20-27, exceptions can be made provided the fact that the applicant possesses necessary qualifications and meets the rest of Program requirements (this also includes applicant’s ability to dedicate at least one month of preparation and work at the UN HQ in New York and time for required follow-up activities and Program promotion after returning back to Ukraine).

2. I’m a student and I’m worried if the university will give me a special permit to leave for up to a month for the UN GA and/or ECOSOC Forum. Is there any official letter provided by the Program justifying my temporary suspension of studies?

Yes, there will be an official letter confirming your selection as a Ukrainian Youth Delegate to UN. We recognize that every university is individual but the organizers will do their best to provide you with all the support necessary to successfully participate in the Program.

3. I’m a Ukrainian student currently studying abroad. Am I eligible to apply?

The applicant needs to study and work in Ukraine at the time of submission of the application. Moreover, you need to be studying or working in Ukraine during Program duration. For more detailed information, please see Eligibility Criteria section. If you feel like your situation needs addition attention, do not hesitate to contact us at

4. I don’t have an international language certificate proving my fluency in English or any other language. How do I indicate my language proficiency?

Please make sure to include a self-assessment of your English language skills, e.g.: Upper-Intermediate, Advanced, Fluent. We will contact you directly in case we have any questions regarding your English language proficiency.

5. Shall I send you any other certificates or documents to strengthen my application?

Please list all the relevant documents and certificates in “special awards” of your resume. We will request scanned version of the documents if needed.

6. I qualify but my English proficiency is not on Advanced level. Can I apply first and then gradually improve my English over the course of 3 summer months before going to the UN GA?

As Youth Delegates are constantly dealing with the official UN documents, including translation of diplomatic correspondence, the candidate needs to be fluent in English by the time he/she submits the application. Moreover, you will need to demonstrate your language skills at the second and third round of the interview at the beginning of June.

7. It’s been a while since I’ve written an email to but I’ve never gotten a reply. Shall I message Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN page on Facebook?

Due to high volumes of inquiries and application submissions it may take longer for us to get back to you. However, if you don’t receive any reply back from us within 2 days, please do not hesitate to message us on Facebook or re-send your email.

8. I sent an application but have never gotten a confirmation letter. What shall I do?

If you haven’t received any confirmation of your application submission within 2 days, please do not hesitate to contact us at or program’s official Facebook page.

9. I have difficulty understanding a question in the application form. What do I need to do?

May you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

10. I’ve already applied for the program. Will all the applicants be notified upon selection results?

Yes, all the applicants will receive a notification of selection results via email.

11. Is there any list of useful resources you could recommend so I could be better prepared for the interview?

The list of available resources which can help you to get a better understanding of the program can be found here.

May you have any additional questions about the Program, your eligibility, selection process etc. do not hesitate to contact us via

12. What shall I include in my  résumé ?

A one-page résumé is usually the first document that the selection committee gets familiar with while reviewing your application. It’s a business card that gives us general impression about you and whether you are the right fit for the program. Therefore, your résumé needs to be descriptive, concise and informative. Please do not include any information that would not add any value or even possibly shift the focus away from your strengths. Avoid vague definitions and repetitions. The résumé you provide should give the selection committee a clear understanding of your professional background, achievements and interests. We encourage you to include quantitative (measurable) results – impact – of your actions – may it be number of YouTube views of the video that served as a promo for your community project, number of people involved in your initiative or sum of money raised during a fundraising campaign you organized.

13. My résumé is more than 1 page long. Can I send it like it is?

As a student, recent graduate or entry-level young professional, you may want to fit in your most relevant and important experience in one page. However, if there’s no way to describe your achievements in 1 page, we may accept résumés up to 2 pages in length. Résumés exceeding 2 pages in length will not be accepted and you will be asked to submit a shorter, more concise version.

Resume’s structure:

First name Last name

Phone email

Current Address


Work Experience

Volunteer experience/Extracurricular activities

Special accomplishments/Honors and Awards

Skills (Languages (TOEFL, DALF, DELE language certificates etc., IT literacy etc.)