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Artur Aheiev

Artur works in a separate unit of a German NGO in Sloviansk as a project manager for political participation and international exchange.

Artur is a member of the National Youth Council of Ukraine, a Eurodesk multiplier, Young European Ambassador in Ukraine of the Eastern Partnership countries and an associate member of the “Brussels Circle: Association of Alumni in the EU Institutions”.
He had participated in 2 Erasmus + projects in Naples and Sofia, was a participant of the Youth Peace Camp 2017 from the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Polish-Ukrainian exchange project in Gliwice, German historical project in Bremen and he is an active participant and organizer of MeetUp! German-Ukrainian exchanges. Artur was also a member of the jury of the International Social Art Award 2019, which was dedicated to the theme «We are the People — Peaceful Revolutions», which was attended by artists coming from 65 countries. In 2019 Artur became a laureate of a special scholarship of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in the United States and a finalist of the World Youth Essay Competition (2018). In 2019, he completed an internship at the Department of Investment and Innovation Development and External Relations of the Donetsk Regional State Administration and worked as an assistant and simultaneous translator for long-term observers of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

Artur also sings and is a winner of many regional and international competitions, had graduated from the musical school with honours.


Dmytro Tomenko

Dmytro is a 5th-year student of Poltava State Agrarian Academy, specializing in Economics, besides he is the Head of the Student Council of his educational institution.

Dmytro’s public activity and experience are impressive because he is:

— the Young European Ambassador in Ukraine, since September 2019;

— the project coordinator of the NGO Unit;

— an expert on the accreditation of educational programs of the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance;

— the organizer, co-organizer and fundraiser of dozens of development schools, trainings, educational programs and other events;

— the facilitator of a 5-week blended learning course «Very Verified: media literacy course» developed by the international organization IREX in partnership with the online education studio EdEra.

He participated and continues to participate in many local, All-Ukrainian and international initiatives, such as the 27th session of EU Study Days in Ukraine, Active Citizens Local Training, Poltava EYP weekend, EU Networks and EU Study Days Forum, nine Erasmus + projects, Study tours to Poland (Nowy Sacz. Poland), the international event «Youth for Peace — 100 years after I World War. 100 ideas for peace» (Berlin, Germany).

Dmytro`s interests are debates, volunteering, organizing events, graphic design and board games.


Roman Tymotsko

Roman is representing Ukraine as a Youth Delegate to the United Nations. He is a member of Plast — Ukrainian Scouting since 2008. It is the largest and oldest youth organization in Ukraine. Roman was a scout leader and organized dozens of camps, pieces of training, and other activities. For the last three years, he is working as National Communications Manager at Plast Central Office. With his team, he engaged 1500 new volunteers in Scouting and realized the record-setting crowdfunding campaign. Organization’s audience had doubled on Facebook and quadrupled on Instagram due to Roman’s persistence as a digital marketing expert.

Recently he has obtained a degree in digital political journalism at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Now he studies management of nonprofit organizations at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. He is a part of the TEDxKyiv communications team and often consults NGOs and small businesses on digital marketing and communications. He participated in the International Youth Forum in South Korea, the Erasmus+ project in Romania and the Mediterranean University by the Council of Europe in Tunisia.

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Nargis Mokhd

Nargis is a Ph.D. student at Department of International and European Law of National University “Odessa Law Academy”. In 2017, she graduated from NU “OLA” faculty of International Legal Relations with magistracy honors. She practiced as a consultant in legal clinics of NU “OLA” “Pro Bono” in July, 2018. In April 7-14th, 2019, she had an internship at the law office “Dr. J. Bollag & Cie” located in Zug, Switzerland.

Nargis Mokhd is an active member of afghan community in Odessa. In 2013, she became a volunteer of civic organization “Fund “Friendship” which implements educational and cultural projects aimed on building a civil society based on tolerance, nurturing patriotism and respect for ethnic diversity among young people. She provided organizational assistance and legal support to Sunday school “Afghan Bakhtar” and television contest for young reciters “Star Wave” (“Zoryana Hvilya”).

As a representative of NGO “Fund “Friendship” she participated in presentation of a first translation into Ukrainian autobiography of Afghan national leader, fighter for democracy and human rights, Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai, «My life and survival», Hakathon among migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, Historical quest for young people (as part of informational company of the UN Refugee Agency), festival of cultures “Celebrate Diversity” dedicated to World Refugee Day, performed as co-organizer of a “Lesson of Justice”, etc.


Vitalii Yaremchuk

Vitalii Yaremchuk is a Ph.D. student in International Law at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. In 2017 he graduated from Chernivtsi Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics in specialty «Economics», specialization «International Economics».

On the first semester of his studying at university, Vitalii was elected head of the student union at the Faculty of Law. Then he was twice won the election of the chairman of Student Parliament of Chernivtsi National University. Vitalii was co-founder and headed youth organization ‘The Student Council of Bukovyna’, which was united student self-government of Chernivtsi region.

In 2017 Vitalii was a co-author of the project within the framework of the «Budget of Chernivtsi Initiatives», which provided for the construction of a modern square in the center of Chernivtsi.

He actively participates in international projects, in particular: study session by the Youth Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France); Erasmus + youth mobility program (Vienna, Austria); internship on the law firm within the framework of the program ‘STEP’ by The European Law Students’ Association (Timisoara, Romania); participated in the study visit ‘Study Tours to Poland’ (Lodz, Poland). Vitalii is also a graduate of the program ‘EU Study Days’ by the EU Delegation to Ukraine and the Jessup Summer School.


Mariia Donets

Mariia studies international relationships in Odesa National University. While in high school she took part in FLEX program and studied a year in the United States as a 12th grade student. During her exchange year Mariia has fundraised money for a refugee camp for people form the east near her home town (Odesa).

She is a co-founder of an NGO Ukrainian Volunteer Service in which she works with popularizing volunteering and developing social projects for different communities in need. Being a community manager and project lead Mariia has structured volunteer management for more than 40 organizations in Ukraine.

She has worked as a coordinator of youth programs at the center of social initiatives Impact Hub Odessa for more than a year. There she helped organizing one of the biggest conferences for NGO and youth Social Camp Ukraine and StudCamp and started about 17 city oriented projects.

In the year of 2018 Mariia manages School Lesson of Volunteering. Together with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine her team will work on implementing volunteering in schools through a teaching teachers.

Mariia works as FLEX alumni coordinator in American Councils for International Education encouraging alumni to create a stronger community.


Olha Ruda

Olha Ruda is one of two Ukrainian Youth Delegates to the United Nations for the term of 2017-2018. She strives for peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential and is extremely interested in public diplomacy. Former Team leader of Global Entrepreneur Shape Ukraine project at AIESEC in Kyiv. While holding this position realized the project for 123 young people interested in entrepreneurship from 20 countries, thus advancing SDG #8. Bachelor of international relations at the Institute of international relations, Taras Shevcheko National University of Kyiv. Former member of institute’s student TV crew. Co-organizer of the conference “Problems and prospects of the EU-Ukraine cooperation” devoted to the 20th anniversary of EU-Ukraine relations. Alumna of FLEX program 2010-2011 during which participated in the week-long Civic education workshop held at Washington DC. Studied as an exchange student of “Polish Erasmus for Ukraine” at the University of Warsaw. Had an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in the Asia-Pacific region department. Fluent in English and Polish.


Maryna Mykhaylenko

Maryna Mykhaylenko, student of the Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv majoring in international relations. Scope of interests: representation of youth in politics, quality education and gender equality. Coordinator of charity and educational projects. Former intern at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Kyiv City State Administration. Founder of an English language club for elementary and middle school students. Participant of international exchange programs. Pioneer of youth campaigns for raising awareness among youth on environmental and social problems in Ukraine.


Kyrylo Beskorovayny 

Kyrylo Beskorovayny co-founder of the Ukrainian popular-science magazine «Kunsht», one of the organizers of «Strenghening youth as active citizens in Ukraine» initiative and also Ukrainian volunteering tours «Help and Travel». He is a fourth year student at the Institute of international relations Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University majoring in international communications. Speaks fluent English and German. Had an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Directorate general for Policy and Communications, worked as an interpreter for the OSCE mission during the presidential elections and was selected as a young leader for Yalta European Strategy meeting in 2015


Uliana Avtonomova 

Member of the “Young Generation Will Change Ukraine” Association, cooperated with various projects that are related to education, had extensive volunteer experience and collaborated with VoxUkraine and Center for Political Studies and Analysis «Eidos». Communicates 5 languages. First year Master`s student at Taras Shevchenko National University, Faculty of Philosophy, majoring in Political Science. Participated at the 12th Yalta European Strategy as a young leader. Worked at the PinchukArtCentre.


Evelina Ibraimova 

My strong belief is that empowering Ukrainian youth is key to Ukraine’s future prosperity.

My interest in youth issues dates back to 2010, when I took part in the FLEX program and spent a year as a regular American high school student in Florida. During my time in the US, I learned a lot about American society and realized that a democratic state needed to have a strong civil society to function properly. To raise one in Ukraine, it seemed logical to start with increasing and encouraging youth participation.

So back home, I strove to inspire young people to take initiative and teach them how to make positive changes in their communities. I started a youth volunteer movement Help and Travel in Crimea (my region of origin), and took part in other projects — like Practice CACTUS seminars.

Currently, I work as a project manager at the Kyiv Post – leading Ukrainian English-language newspaper. I am very much interested in international politics and diplomacy and have enjoyed participation in Atlantic Council simulations organized by Youth Atlantic Treaty Association in Estonia and Portugal. My international experience also includes an internship at CECREDA – an Argentine think tank investigating challenges facing the country in political, economical and social domains.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and fluently speak Ukrainian, Russian, English and Spanish.


Oleh Puryshev 

I am passionate about the issues of human rights, inequality, education (with emphasis on civil and political education) and youth representation in government.

In 2014, I did an internship at the NGO Centre.UA, responsible for a variety of highly successful and effective projects in the public sector in Ukraine. In cooperation with Andriy Kruglashov, we created the project ‘Stop the War in Europe” where I held a position of vice-coordinator. In 2015, I became an activist of the civil movement CHESNO that monitors MPs and election processes in Ukraine. Later, I joined the newly formed initiative Follow the Money that was created with the association of National Democratic Institute (NDI) and aimed at lobbying for transparency of financing political campaigns and parties. I was also involved in creating a guidebook for female political candidates, including contributions on gender based violence and female participation in politics.

I founded and am now involved in development of a crowdfunding platform MoeMisto, aimed at joining volunteers and urbanists together in order to solve social issues in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. My interests include international politics and the United Nations as well: I took part in the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conferences in Washington and New York.

I graduated from Pace University (USA) majoring in political science and minoring in sociology/anthropology and history.


Inna Sandiuk 

My interests include diplomacy and security, youth policies, sustainability and foreign languages.

I am a member of the Association «Young Generation Will Change Ukraine» of Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Charitable Foundation. As a participant of the Young Generation Will Change Ukraine program, I studied sustainable development in Sweden.

As an intern at the Parliament of Republic of Poland, I worked in the commission for local government and regional development. My professional experience includes work as a project manager at an NGO focusing on Vinnitsia regional development and at the Hewlett-Packard corporation. I also contributed to a Polish-language newspaper in Podillya region in Ukraine.

Given my interest in international politics and global issues, I took part in several UN Model conferences, a students’ scientific circle, youth projects and summits dedicated to raising awareness on sustainable development.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in translation from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and a master’s degree in international relations from Wroclaw University (Poland). Within the framework of the Erasmus Program I also studied at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. My MA thesis research focused on water security with emphasis on potential of water scarcity to trigger a national or international conflict.


Viktoriya Shvydchenko

I am passionate about the United Nations, global politics and diplomacy and believe that youth empowerment and activism are key to a more effective, inclusive and sustainable international system.

Since 2012, I have been a member of the US Embassy Youth Council and the NGO Youth Diplomatic Initiative. Currently, I am a World Academy of Arts and Science (WAAS) junior fellow and the head of external relations of Lviv Academy for Human Rights of Don Bosco.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. I also studied in the Global UGRAD program in Lewis and Clark College, where I participated in Model United Nations conferences as part of the college delegation. In 2013, I did an internship in the Political Section at the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN in New York.


Viktoriya Luchka

I strongly believe that young people can bring positive change on national and international levels.

In 2014, I graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv with bachelor’s degree in international law. In 2012 – 2013, I studied on the U.S. Department of State Global UGRAD program at Utica College, where I served as a president of Amnesty International Group and worked as an assistant to the director of Human Rights Advocacy Program. In 2014, I had an internship at the Agency of Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights in Western Region.

Gained experience has inspired me to work in the sphere of human rights education and co-found NGO Lviv Academy for Human Rights of Don Bosco, where I currently serve as the president.

Being a World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) junior fellow, I am profoundly interested in international human rights law and advocacy, youth policies and international security.