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Programme presentation at American Councils

Presenting Youth Delegate Program at America Councils

On December 24, 2014 Youth Delegates gave two presentations about Ukrainian Youth Delegate to UN programme at American Councils, which gathered around 120 young talented people who were eager to know about the new international initiative.

Delegates talked about the importance of youth empowerment, youth participation in decision making processes worldwide and specific UN youth policy in the post 2015 agenda. Moreover, delegates shared their experience of lobbying the Programme in Ukraine through cooperation with Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Charitable Foundation and their activities as youth representatives at UN HQ in New York during 69th UN General Assembly. In a Q&A session, Delegates talked more about the challenges of being a Youth Delegate, specifics of working at UN HQ and provided more detailed feedback on the selection procedure and criterias.

Ukrainian Youth Delegates express a special gratitude to American Councils and Kyiv Alumni Resource Center for giving a unique opportunity to speak in front of such inspiring audience.